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Almost 100,000 people die of cardiac arrest each year in the UK , that’s more than 1,750 a week - this is the highest figure in Europe. (Scotsman Newspaper)

90% of victims survive if defibrillated one minute after cardiac arrest, only 10% survive after nine minutes (

It is estimated that 75% of cardiac arrests occur outside of hospital (  

More than 270,000 people suffer a heart attack each year – that’s one heart attack every two minutes. (British Heart Foundation, BBC News,

The most common time for a heart attack to occur is Monday morning between 8am and 11am

Less than 5% of cardiac arrest victims survive (,,)

The UK has the longest working hours in the European community 

Having a stressful job is worse for your heart than putting on 40lbs or aging 30 years 

Manual workers are more likely to suffer heart attacks because of high pressure caused by hard work, overtime and night shifts 

There are 13 million full time workers in the UK and of these 25% work up to 10 hours of overtime a week 

More than 24 million working days are lost each year by firms failing to implement basic health and safety procedures

Workplace accidents now cost UK businesses approximately £2.5bn in lost trade every year

In 2002/2003 there were 154,430 accidents in the workplace, of these over 226 were fatal 

The number of major workplace injuries rose by 15% from 28,011 in 2001/2002 to 28,426 in 2002/2003 

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents almost 29 million working days are lost due to accidents and ill health 

People who suffer from stress for at least half of their working lives are 25% more likely to suffer a fatal heart attack and 50% more likely to die from a stroke than people with less stressful jobs. 

By the year 2010, the Government’s Re vitalizing Health and Safety Strategy launched in 2000 envisages a 10% reduction in fatalities and major injuries at work, a 20% reduction in occupational illness and a 30% reduction in resulting sickness absence 

One in 11 employees are injured or made ill by their work activity everyday 

In an average year, 1,000 people are killed in workplaces

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The UK has the longest working hours in the European community

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