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What to do should you have a complaint about Trust Medical.

Complaints, concerns and comments are viewed by Trust Medical as a significant opportunity for improvement by listening to our clients, patients and their representatives.

It is our objective to satisfy complainants that Trust Medical take their dissatisfaction seriously and wish to convince them that investigations will be thorough and objective. Where appropriate, action will be taken to prevent a reoccurrence and to improve service delivery. 

A Policy & Procedure has been developed to deal with complaints raised by patients and their representatives. 


What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction that requires a response, however made, about services provided by Trust Medical.

Requests regarding services or for information are not deemed to be complaints and are subject to Trust Medical’s policy on confidentiality.


Who can complain?

Anyone who receives or has received services from Trust Medical and anyone acting for those unable to complain personally.

Anyone who has been affected, or likely to be affected by the action, omission or decisions of Trust Medical.


Why complain?

Complaining is one of several ways in which patients, their families, friends and carers make their views known to Trust Medical when their expectations have not been met. It is often hard for complainants to voice their concerns and they can feel frightened and vulnerable.

Our Complaints procedure has been developed to ensure that Trust Medical responds in the most appropriate way to all complaints.


How to complain.

Even though you may complain verbally to a member of staff, complaints should be confirmed in writing with a letter sent to:


The Patient Experience Coordinator

Trust Medical Ambulance Service

233 Marine Road Central,





All complaints will be acknowledged within 3 working days and the complaints process begun with an aim to achieve an acceptable outcome for all parties.

Should a satisfactory outcome not be achieved, complainants will be provided with the contact details of The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman who may choose to review the complaint.

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