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1. Importance
1.1 The mission of Trust Medical Ambulance Service is to provide a cost-effective, professional service with high quality standards and exceptional customer care.
1.2 These quality standards are achieved though the adoption of processes and procedures that reflect the professionalism of Trust Medical Ambulance Service to existing and potential customers, stakeholders and regulatory bodies.
1.3 Achievement of this policy involves all staff who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment. This policy is provided and explained to each employee by the Chief Executive or Managing Director.
2. Quality Policy & Objectives
2.1 The objectives of the Quality Policy are to:
Maintain an effective Quality Assurance
Achieve and maintain a standard of quality that maintains and enhances Trust Medical Ambulance Service reputation with customers and regulators as well as within the wider safety industry;
Ensure compliance with relevant statutory, regulatory and safety requirements;
Identify and manage risks;
Maximise customer satisfaction with the services provided by Trust Medical Ambulance Service; and
Apply Quality Assurance processes to all activities of Trust Medical Ambulance Service.
3. People
3.1 Every organisation relies on the quality of its people. Therefore Trust Medical Ambulance Service expects:
Every individual to undertake their work in a way that meets the requirements of this Quality Policy and support and provide feedback on its effectiveness;
The company to provide the resources necessary to support individuals in discharging their responsibilities;
Managers to ensure that individual and corporate requirements are delivered and take appropriate action in the event of quality being undermined in any way
3.2 The specific duties and responsibilities of each employee are detailed in the job descriptions and personal specifications applying to each role. In summary:
The Chairman and Managing Director have overall responsibility to ensure that there are adequate resources in terms of staff, equipment and materials, to meet the service requirements;
The Chairman and Managing Director along with the Lead Commercial Trainer (Quality Assurance Team QAT) have responsibility for the development and improvement of the Quality Management System.
3.3 Failure to deliver the required quality of service and any feedback (both internally and from customers) will be recorded and seen as opportunities for further development and improvement.
4. Activities to Deliver Quality
4.1 In order to ensure the delivery of a high quality accreditation service, the following activities will be undertaken:
The development, management and review of policies, processes and procedures used in the delivery of Trust Medical Ambulance Service qualifications;
Risk and incident management and contingency planning;
Recording and managing conflicts of interest;
The development and review of qualifications that are accessible and fit for purpose;
Learner feedback, complaints and appeals processes and procedures;
Equal Opportunities, Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration arrangements;
Compliance with Awarding Bodies and regulators regulations.
4.2 Key roles Quality Assurance Team (QAT)
The Chairman and Managing Director along with the Lead Commercial Trainer have key role within the quality assurance process and is responsible for:
Assuring the functions outlined in the quality assurance processes are implemented;
Prioritising issues referred to the QAT for consideration and decision;
Identifying staff development needs and ensuring that appropriate support is provided;
Ensuring that the necessary resources are made available
Co-ordinating all aspects of quality assurance of Trust Medical Ambulance Service;
Reviewing the findings of internal/external audits and identify areas of recurring problems or potential improvements; and
Undertaking internal audits of the Quality System at least once each year.
5. Resources
5.1 Trust Medical Ambulance Service is committed to ensuring that everyone involved in its organisation has access to the resources that they need to deliver what customers expect and to meet the requirements of this Quality Policy.
5.2 Trust Medical Ambulance Service aims to maximise the contribution that technology can make to the quality of our services.
This includes:
Facilitating communication between Trust Medical Ambulance Service and its customers and other stakeholders;
Effective customer relationship management, retaining and sharing information in order to provide a high quality service to learners;
Establishing and maintaining an efficient and robust IT system.
6. Quality Systems
6.1 The quality policy in practice is supported by systems that are aiming to meet ISO: 9001 quality standards. These set out how we quality assure our processes, procedures and the products that flow from them. The system embodies a commitment to using feedback to support continuous improvement.
6.2 Trust Medical Ambulance Service ensures strict quality control over documents and records, with particular attention paid to the monitoring, updating and securing of all these.
7. Quality Management
7.1 The development of the Quality Policy and ensuring its implementation are the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Team.
7.2 Quality is integrated into all the activities of the Trust Medical Ambulance Service, from developing new courses through to delivery of such courses. New recruits to Trust Medical Ambulance Service are required to familiarise themselves with the policy and discuss it with their line manager as part of their induction.
7.3 Commitment to quality and continual improvement are reflected in the annual business plan/strategy and the key performance indicators for everyone working for the organisation.
7.4 Assessing the extent to which we have achieved quality targets is a component of the performance review system.
7.5 Quality is a standing agenda item for executive and team meetings. This is used as an opportunity to inform the Quality Policy, to review its ongoing implementation and share feedback from learners.
Points to be discussed under this agenda item include:
Formal feedback received from customers since the previous meeting;
Informal comments or complaints received from customers, potential customers and others since the previous meeting;
Suggestions for improving the quality of our services.
7.6 Items for action by an agreed date are allocated to a specified individual in the minutes of the meeting and progress is monitored through the matters arising agenda item at future meetings.
8. Quality Management Review and Audit
8.1 Management review of the suitability and effectiveness of the Quality Policy and its implementation takes place twice a year. During the management meetings decisions and actions are allocated and recorded.
8.2 The objectives of the Management Review are to:
Establish that the Quality Policy is helping Trust Medical Ambulance Service to:
achieve the expected results;
meet company requirements;
satisfy customer needs;
function in accordance with established operating procedures;
comply with regulatory requirements.
Expose irregularities or problems in the system, identify weaknesses and identify possible improvements;
Review the effectiveness of previous corrective actions and review the adequacy and suitability for the management system for current and future operations;
Review complaints received, identify the cause and recommend corrective action if required.
8.3 This Policy will be reviewed annually by the Quality Assurance Team as part of the annual business planning and review cycle. An internal audit will also be conducted to inform this review. The review and audit will provide the basis for self-evaluation of Trust Medical Ambulance Service performance.
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