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Dressings & Wound Care

Instant (Ice) Cold Packs
Instant (Ice) Cold Packs £1.35 (£1.62 Inc VAT)  
Adhesive Dressings
Adhesive Dressings £0.00 VAT not applicable  
Triangular Bandages
Triangular Bandages £0.00 VAT not applicable  
Elastic Adheasive Bandage Tape
Elastic Adheasive Bandage Tape £0.00 (£0.00 Inc VAT)  
Detectable Blue Plasters
Detectable Blue Plasters £0.00 VAT not applicable  
Coverplast Barrier Waterproof Plasters
Coverplast Barrier Waterproof Plasters £14.85 VAT not applicable  
Wound Care Pack
Wound Care Pack £2.03 VAT not applicable  
Cuticell Classic Gauze Dressing
Cuticell Classic Gauze Dressing £4.73 VAT not applicable  
HypaCover Low Adherant Absorbent Dressings
HypaCover Low Adherant Absorbent Dressings £0.00 VAT not applicable  
HypaCover Dressing Retention
HypaCover Dressing Retention £2.25 VAT not applicable  
Gauze Swabs
Gauze Swabs £0.00 VAT not applicable  
HypaBand Crepe Cotton Bandages
HypaBand Crepe Cotton Bandages £0.00 VAT not applicable  
Micropore Paper Tapes
Micropore Paper Tapes £0.00 VAT not applicable  
HypaPlast Fabric Strappings
HypaPlast Fabric Strappings £2.12 VAT not applicable  
HypaPlast Plastic Tape
HypaPlast Plastic Tape £18.86 VAT not applicable  
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